Jacky is the most recent addition to the OBIN administration team.

As a wife and mother, she sets the perfect example of how to balance family and work-life.

Away from work, she stays fit and enjoys spending time with family.

She listens to country music and lives life to the fullest.


Constant started his financial planning journey early. While completing his Honours in Management Accounting (at the University of Stellenbosch) our paths crossed, and immediately, he took action and started investing.

Today, he is one of OBIN’s most accomplished investors on the way to greater things. Constant is a skilled golfer and loves to have a beer (or two) with his mates. We are grateful for being in partnership with Constant.


Honest, kind, strong, trustworthy, authentic, genuine, intelligent, empathetic, mother, wife…

OK, we will stop now. Carina is an incredible human being, and a long time friend of OBIN Wealth Management.


Joan kom al ‘n lang pad saam met die OBIN Span. Toe Johannes sy loopbaan in 2010 by PSG begin het, was hy en Joan kollegas. Hulle het saam in 2013 by Stellenbosch Universiteit se Besigheidskool die Nagraadse Diploma in Finansiële Beplanning voltooi, en geslaag. Vandag is beide by die FPI (Financial Planning Institute) geregistreer as CFPs (Certified Financial Planners).

Toe ons OBIN in 2017 gestig het, was Joan ons buurvrou. Joan se kennis en kundigheid van die finansiële dienste bedryf het help slyp aan die proses waarmee ons vandag ons kliënte diens. Behalwe vir Joan se kop vir besigheid, is sy ook ‘n bobaas kok. Ons is baie dankbaar vir die vriendskap wat ons met Joan het, en voel geëerd om haar in ‘n OBIN hemp te sien.


Pieter Rademeyer is currently the headmaster at Jan van Riebeek High School in Cape Town.

Pieter has a deep understanding and love for the Afrikaans language and shares it passionately with the world.

He puts such positive energy into his endeavours, and has changed many people’s lives for the better.

Pieter is married, with two beautiful children. They are expecting their third in 2022. It’s a boy! 😊

We admire Pieter for the leader that he is, and wish him and Jan Van Riebeek success in the years to come.


Jaco is one of the most accomplished businessmen in the OBIN Family. He owns and manages several ventures and does so in style and with composure. What sets him apart from others is that he continually upskills, educates, and improves himself. He not only reads. He implements what he reads, and the results speak for themselves.

Jaco is happily married and the father of two beautiful boys.

He works out in his OBIN shirt and represents us as a client with one of our most inspiring success stories. On top of it all, Jaco is a loyal and special friend.


From an early age Retief showed a keen interest and love for the stock market – researching, following, and trading in shares from different companies listed on the JSE. He started his career as Analyst and retired as Head of Research at Sanlam Asset Management. Daily he would search for those undiscovered gems that promised great potential returns, market growth and trends in the future. His research and analysis of companies took him many places in the world, exposure to interesting businesses & industries, and taking meetings with influential directors and leaders in both finance, business, and politics.

Retief and his wife Nettie are the proud parents of 4 children, (including 3 in-laws) and 7 grandchildren. They call Marloth Park on the border of the Kruger Nation Park – the heart of the bushveld – their home. And when they are on the road exploring South Africa’s abundance of beauty and many wonders, Retief is capturing creation through his camera lens.

Being a passionate wildlife photographer, some of his photographs have been recognised on various online forums with rave reviews. You might catch him walking along the Crocodile River with his Camera around his neck and OBIN cap on his head.

OBIN Heroes Olga-Mare Hougaard


Olga is OBIN’s most styling client. As a wife and mother, she sets the perfect example of how to love your family. As a designer, everything she touches turns to gold. We are grateful to have Olga in the OBIN family.

Have a look at the good work she does:

OBIN Heroes Rentia Weber


Rentia became an OBIN Investor in 2019. She inspires us as a mother, wife, and businesswoman. Rentia is an incredibly talented make-up artist with an impressive resumé.

Please have a look at the good work she does:

OBIN Heroes Niel Hougaard


Niel has been one of our biggest supporters even since before we started the business. As Portfolio Manager at Glacier Invest, we learn so much from our encounters with Niel. He is a loyal, dedicated, and hard-working person. We look forward to growing alongside Niel, from strength to strength.
OBIN Heroes Rikus van Rooy


Rikus was raised in Stellenberg when it was still a small and unknown suburb of Durbanville – and he still lives there with his own family today. Rikus’ career and achievements are nothing but inspiring. He is a good example of someone who plans well, set goals, and work hard to achieve them – including his financial and retirement planning. He started his career as high school teacher, but soon got the opportunity to develop educational content for Media24 publications like Die Burger and Huisgenoot. He also developed their “Schools Projects”. His experience led him to co-author school textbooks and later became an editor at Oxford University Press. Currently, he finds himself in the position of station manager and one of the creative brains behind programming for one of the country’s biggest community radio stations, Radio Tygerberg 104FM (www.radiotygerberg.co.za). If that’s not all, he still runs his own boutique communications business called Cum Laude Media (www.cumlaudemedia.com) – delivering educational, PR & marketing, language & publication, and project management services.

Rikus has two talented young boys and shares his passion for education with his wife, Alta, who is a primary school teacher. And to top it all, you might spot him next to the road running in his OBIN t-shirt busy training for his next marathon.

OBIN Heroes Karlien Rust


Karlien is one of the smartest investors we know. She is a quick learner, a hard worker, and an incredibly resilient spirit. She was the first new OBIN client during the lock-down of the Covid 19 pandemic. Her teachability and ability to take ownership of her destiny is nothing short of inspirational. We are excited to see Karlien’s story unfold in the years to come.
OBIN Heroes Marius Heyns


Marius is also one of our oldest clients. He is the co-founder and a director of LiquidEdge Solutions – a dynamic online solutions company. (Visit their website at: www.liquidedge.co.za) Overseeing their new business development, he collaborates with a team of experts to propose forward-thinking solutions (through e-commerce, custom web applications, online marketing, mobile apps, branding, responsive websites etc.) to empower their clients’ businesses in the future. Marius is married to Annelize, a physiotherapist who specialises in sports rehab and injury prevention, and he is father to two very energetic boys. In-between work, managing the boys and regularly running up-and-down Table Mountain with his OBIN branded t-shirt, he is also a lay minister with a heart for his community and local church.

OBIN Heroes Leana Burger


Leana was the first OBIN client who started an investment at Allan Gray.

She is the owner of Burger Potgieter, a law firm specialising in conveyancing (Property Transfers).


She is also a qualified Mediator, operating from her own business called Cape Winelands Mediation.


When she trains, she trains in her OBIN shirt.

OBIN Heroes Lizle Warwick


Lizle is a legend. As assistant to Dr. Barnardo, she is probably the backbone of Haasendal Dental, where we do our dental visits bi-annually. She is also the perfect example of a loving and caring mother. We are proud to call Lizle our friend!
OBIN Heroes Werner Weber


Werner is one of our smartest clients. As a contrarian Investor, Werner’s topics of conversation allow us to explore the realm of investments on a satisfyingly deep level. Apart from being a very capable career man, Werner holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitzu. He is also a wonderful husband, and a cool dad!
OBIN Heroes Lodewiek Barnardo


Dr Barnardo is our preferred dentist. His practice is called Haasendal Dental and is situated in the Haasendal Gables Shopping Centre in Kuils River.

When last have you been to the dentist?


OBIN Heroes Geoff & Yali Adamson


Geoff and Yali became part of the OBIN family in December 2020, when we first met in Knysna. Ever since, our business relationship has grown into a connection that we dearly cherish. We are grateful to assist them with their retirement planning.
OBIN Heroes Gustav Terblanche


Gustav has been a dear friend of OBIN Wealth Management since before we started the business in 2017. He is a successful career man, and an incredible father.
It is always insightful to engage with Gustav on tax and accounting matters. He is a Chartered Accountant by trade.
Niel Burger


This is a tribute to one of OBIN’s earliest supporters, Dr. Niel Burger.

Niel was a dentist. He started saving from his very first paycheck. In fact, he saved so much, that his financial advisor at the time told him that if he has anything left in a month, that he should spend it on himself.

Here we see Niel in his OBIN khaki shirt, supporting Johannes at his first Marathon. As a runner himself, Niel knew the value of working hard, staying committed and reaping the rewards. He ran 3 Comrades Marathons and 10 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons.

He was an excellent example to us, and we miss him dearly.

Leana Burger & Corneli Nel


Leana and Corneli both took time to walk the dogs at the Lucky Lucy Foundation.

We thank Leana for wearing her OBIN Cap and for the kind deed from both of them.

SMS LUCY to 48899 to donate R10. Cost is R10 to subscriber. Network & admin fees apply.

Or donate via PAYPAL: accounts@luckylucy.org

Quintin Rossouw


Quintin is a special friend of the OBIN Team.

When he goes to the gym, he goes in his OBIN Shirt.

We are grateful to see him training in his OBIN colours, with pride.

Yvon Heyns


Yvon is the heartbeat of OBIN Wealth Management.

He created the Corporate Identity and gave life to the OBIN brand with his excellent designing skills.

On top of that, he runs the office with unparalleled skill and diligence as head administrator.

Derick Wallace


Derick is our Coffee Guy.

His business is called Durbanville Coffee Roastery.

Reach out to Derick if you want the best coffee ever!


Gerjo Hoffman


Gerjo is legitimately one of the most sensible and committed investors at OBIN.

We feel very honoured to see Gerjo train in his OBIN Shirt.

Johnny Forbes


Here we see Johnny going about his work in his OBIN khaki shirt.

Johnny has been a client since 2011.

We thank Johnny for being a dedicated investor at OBIN Wealth Management.

Casper Crous


Casper is our client representative on the OBIN Investment Committee.

When we review our investment blends, Casper adds tremendous value by being a sounding board representing as a OBIN Client himself.

We are grateful to have Casper on the OBIN Investment Team.

Darius Leach


Darius inspires us. As father, husband, friend, and business owner (360 Degrees Security)

His business provides security solutions to many clients across the Cape Peninsula.

He started investing in OBIN’s Investment Blends in 2021.

We look forward to building on our friendship with Darius in the years to come.

Nicola Leach


Nicola became an OBIN Investor in 2021. She epitomises what it means to be dedicated, committed, and disciplined. She finished the Comrades Marathon on numerous occasions and is one of the strongest women we know. We thank Nicola for wearing our brand with pride!
Raul Jorge


Raul is a Certified Financial Planner at PSG.

Johannes and Raul started their financial planning careers together in 2010.

Since then, their friendship has grown from strength to strength.

Raul is probably our most trusted industry colleague, and we endorse his business with pride.

Corneli Nel


Corneli used to be an Early Learning School teacher at Reddam House in Durbanville.

Her dedication to the development of children is nothing short of incredible.

At the time of writing, she is a full-time thrifter selling handpicked quality preloved clothing, on Instagram. Remember the name Bonnie Lass Thrifting.

Outside of work, she stays fit and healthy by doing functional fitness and pilates.

We are proud to see her training in her OBIN Shirt!

Burger Kraemer


Burger has been a friend and supporter of the OBIN Team since day one.

He reminds us that family is important, and that friendliness goes a long way.

Thank you for being such a cool guy, Burger!

Jacques Goosen & Delia de Villiers


Jacques and Delia have been clients and friends of OBIN for a long time.

Delia always engages in the most interesting conversations. This broadens our perspective and allows us to explore the possibilities of life outside the box.

Jacques helps many of our clients with their tax matters. His knowledge and work ethic is unparalleled.

They are OBIN Heroes – through and through.

David & Lollos Rodseth


David and Lollos have been OBIN Investors since before our story began.

They support various charities, including the Lucky Lucy Foundation.

We are grateful for having them on this journey with us.

Nicole Greeff


Nicole became a client in November 2018.

She is a medical doctor and on her way to becoming an anaesthetist.

Her passion, dedication and hard work inspire us immensely.

On top of that, she is a beautiful person – inside and out.

Nicole is a true OBIN Hero!

Jamie Steyn


During his tenure as Business Development Manager at Allan Gray, Jamie made sure that OBIN Clients received the best service possible. For this, Jamie will always be one of OBIN’s Heroes.
Kobus Louw


Kobus is the founder and CEO of Digemy. www.digemy.co.za

He started his OBIN Investment Portfolio in 2017 and has been achieving fantastic results as a disciplined and committed investor.

As you can see, Kobus wears our brand with pride.