This is OBIN Wealth Management

OBIN Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd aspires to become a nationally preferred financial service provider by providing objective and independent financial advice to individual and corporate clients. Our process is tailored around the six-step financial planning process as prescribed by the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa. We make every effort to oblige with the following extract from the FAIS General Code of Conduct: “to at all times render financial services honestly, fairly, with due skill, care and diligence, and in the interests of clients and the integrity of the financial services industry.”

Financial advisors in the modern era are faced with many pressures that challenge them to prioritize client needs as their primary focus. These pressures include employer expectations and their own desires for financial prosperity. At OBIN we believe that a client-centered approach will inevitably lead to prosperity – firstly for the client, and secondly also for the business and its workforce. As a result, we make every effort to manage and eliminate any possible conflicts of interest that may arise during the running of the business.


The name OBIN was created to amplify the two main principles on which our financial advice will be based: objectivity and independence. OBIN’s financial advisers are granted the necessary freedom to match the unique characteristics of our clients to regulated solutions on our approved product list. The necessary procedures are in place to ensure that representatives do not deviate from this framework. Our approved product and fund list is based on continuous research and a rigorous due diligence process with input from our representatives and trusted industry colleagues.

OBIN’s financial planners are trained to ensure that client expectations are managed properly. The proper management of expectations is necessary to ensure successful and lasting business relationships. For clients to be motivated and excited about their financial futures they need to understand their financial position and how the recommended solutions will assist them to become financially secure.


Johannes Burger founded OBIN Wealth Management in 2017. He is a Certified Financial Planner and has been involved in private client engagement since 2010. He serves both as Key Individual and as a Representative of the business. His responsibilities include general management, strategy, planning and client engagement.

Yvon Heyns started working as an Independent Financial Planner in 2015. Due to his proficiency in administration systems he serves as the company’s head administrator and office manager. Yvon is also a Representative for Life and Investments and is registered as OBIN’s office bound Medical Aid and Gap Cover Representative.

OBIN Management Team