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OBIN Investment Blends

After months of meticulous research and hard work we managed to launch our model portfolios on the 17th of March 2020. We call them the OBIN Investment Blends.

We have 5 Local
(Rand denominated)
and 5 Offshore
(Dollar denominated)
Investment Solutions:

  • OBIN Conservative Blend
  • OBIN Moderately Conservative Blend
  • OBIN Moderate Blend
  • OBIN Moderately Aggressive Blend
  • OBIN Aggressive Blend
  • OBIN Offshore Conservative Blend
  • OBIN Offshore Moderately Conservative Blend
  • OBIN Offshore Moderate Blend
  • OBIN Offshore Moderately Aggressive Blend
  • OBIN Offshore Aggressive Blend

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